We only use authentic 100% virgin human hair for our extensions which means all the cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction. This allows the hair to feel smooth and silky and it also helps prevent tangling and shedding. There are absolutely no synthetic or animal hair blended into any of our products.

At AVERA, we use a steaming process with long curling rods. We find that this process is the best way to maintain the integrity of the hair, and also gives the best results.

AVERA hair extensions are made from authentic virgin human hair, so you can color the hair just as you would color your natural hair. You can find a list of achievable colors on the product page. Keep in mind tht chemically treating your extensions may alter the texure of them.

Authentic virgin hair lasts much longer than imitation virgin hair, and can be used for many installs. Imitation hair most likely can only be used once, then the hair has to be thrown away due to excessive shedding and tangles.

Most of the world’s hair comes from Southeast Asia. Here at AVERA, we use Burmese hair. Because of the country’s close vicinity to China and India, we find the hair is strong and durable like Chinese hair, but still fine and soft enough to be styled to any texture you want.

While we don't recommend it, you can go swimming with AVERA hair extensions. Sand and chemicals can cause the hair to dry out.

If you’re wearing the AVERA Curli Crush Clip-ins, please remove them before going swimming.

With proper maintenance and using high quality hair care products, you can use AVERA hair for up to 2 years. Hair extensions require more care than our own natural hair. Always use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as well as moisturizing leave-in conditioner to keep the hair feeling healthy and smooth. Most tangling and shedding issues come from not properly maintaining the hair extensions.