Coloring your natural hair is fun and exciting.
With AVERA hair extensions, you can do the same.
Each product has it’s own color chart to which you can dye your AVERA hair extensions to.
With authentic virgin hair extensions, you’re able to lighten and darken the hair.
Here’s a guideline and tips to consider when coloring your AVERA hair extensions.


  1. We highly recommend using a professional line of hair coloring and developer, or taking your extensions to a licensed professional.
  2. We recommend washing the hair extensions before applying any bleach or hair dye onto them. Allow them to fully air dry before beginning the process.
  3. Use a combination of bleach and developer. NEVER the developer by itself.
  4. We recommend using a max of volume 20 developer (higher than 20 can cause severe damage to your hair extensions).
  5. There’s typically instructions on the developer and/or bleach to determine the mixture composition, as well as how long you should leave the mixture on the hair extensions. Typically it’s around 15-30 minutes.
  6. DO NOT leave the mixture on the hair extensions for more than 40 minutes. The chemical compound in the mixture is can be damaging to the hair.
  7. After applying the mixture, check the progress frequently. Once the hair has visually changed to your desired color, you can rinse the mixture.
  8. Rinse the hair extensions thoroughly with warm water. Always allow the water to flow starting from the top of the extensions to the bottom. Apply conditioner and brush through the hair. After carefully brushing through the hair, rinse thoroughly with cold water in the same direction that th hair naurally falls.
  9. Any coloring treatment will dry out the hair, apply leave-in conditioner or moisturizing oil to keep the hair healthy and shiny.
  10. Allow the hair to air dry. The best way is to hang it up or lay it flat on a towel.
  11. Have fun with your newly colored AVERA hair extensions.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using OLAPLEX. It’s been tested and proven to work extremely well on bleached and/or colored hair. It helps to keep your hair smooth and moisturized. Check them out at

For your satisfaction, we highly recommend discussing with your stylist to see their method of coloring and go over the above guidelines with them.

Be sure to check the product details page on our website for specific coloring details.


Disclaimer: These are general guidelines that we’ve tested and found to work well on almost all virgin hair extensions. However, Bohan International Inc d/b/a AVERA is not responsible for the outcome of any coloring process. We have no control over the products and methods used to color the extensions therefore we can’t be held responsible for any undesired outcome.