The Real Reason Why We Use Burmese Hair

Burma Hair Story

Here at AVERA, we use Burma as the source of our hair extensions. Burma is a beautiful country located between China and India. We chose this location as the source of our hair for a couple of reasons.

The first being is that we work closely with the Burmese donor's to ensure they are fairly compensated. Burmese hair is durable, healthy, strong and it also takes color well. Burmese hair is widely recognized for its versatility. The hair looks great in it's natural state and can also hold a curl very well. The hair is completely virgin in the sense that it has never been chemically treated or altered in any way.

In fact, the people of Burma only use natural products for their hair. One of the most popular methods used to keep the hair long and healthy is to cleanse the hair with rice water. There are a few different approaches to the rice water cleanse, but we found an easy one that we wanted to share.


All you need to do is submerge some organic rice in a bowl of water for 30 minutes. Don't cook the rice. Simply let the rice soak in the water.

Wash and condition your hair as normal. However, instead of rinsing the conditioner out with normal water, use the rice water to seal the nutrients into your hair. The rice water is said to get rid of grays and stimulates growth. It's also used to prevent dry scalp and dandruff. Another benefit of rice water is that it can be used on your face. It minimizes pores, prevents wrinkles and can heal sun burn. Dip a cotton ball into the rice water and apply to your face as you would a toner. Because rice water is natural, you can use it everyday in your routine.

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