How To Prevent Hair Extensions From Matting At Nape Of Neck

Do you ever experience your hair matting at the nape of the neck? Cooler weather means more layers, and more layers can sometimes get in the way of your long locs, especially when wearing your hair down. 

This problem occurs with natural hair and extensions alike, and can have damaging affects on your hair as matting then turns into dryness and shedding. Keep reading for some awesome ways to prevent your hair from matting up this winter. 

  •  If you don't do this already, be sure to wrap your hair every night with a silk bonnet or scarf to keep the hair healthy.  
  • Try to stay away from materials such as polyester and acrylic as they can dry out the hair and cause matting. If you do happen to own a coat with polyester, try rubbing a dryer sheet along the neckline of it. This will help to eliminate static and prevent your hair from getting caught on the fabric. 
  • Wash and condition your hair weekly. Spray a light leave in conditioner onto the hair while it's still damp, and allow the hair to air dry. You can also add a small amount of argan oil to the hair to ensure it stays moisturized. 
  • Use paper towels or a microfiber hair towel instead of a bath towel to dry your hair. Bath towels can be drying on the hair and can also leave fibers behind. 


Let us know how you prevent your hair from matting in the comments!

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  • Amber

    Love these tips! So helpful xo

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