5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Wear a Wig

Wigs have become very popular over the past few years. Celebrities like Zendaya, Rihanna and Katie Perry have all been spotted sporting various wigs. Noticeably, more and more people are starting to embrace the fact that they wear wigs and hair extensions. However, just a few years ago that was not the case. Wigs and hair extensions were very taboo, and not something that was openly discussed. 

Nevertheless, we're happy about the transformation. People who have never worn wigs before are now very curious about them. We've put together the top 5 reasons why you should totally wear a wig this holiday season!

                                                           Avera Deep Wave

1. They protect your natural hair.
Wigs take the hassle out of routine styling for your hair. Why fuss with curling irons and blow dryers that damage your hair, when you can just throw a wig on! When applied correctly it will look very natural.

2. You Get To Experiment
Want to try a blunt bob but don't want to risk cutting off your long tresses? A wig is the perfect solution. You can also experiment with color and texture. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Saves Time
The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones. Being that a wig is already pre-styled, you can just throw it on and finger comb it into place. It's much quicker than styling your hair and you also don't need to use a bunch of different products. 

4. Saves Money
Wearing a wig will cut down on your expensive routine salon visits because you won't need to get your natural hair done as often. Many people simply slick down their natural hair and then apply a wig cap. 

5. Perfect Way To Transition 
If you're growing out your relaxer and don't know how to style your hair, a wig is a great option for you. It can be very difficult to work with two textures, but a wig completely eliminates the need to style your hair. Another bonus is that you can wash and deep condition your hair as often as you'd like since it will be underneath the wig. 

Thinking about getting a wig? Walk into our boutique located conveniently in Pasadena and we'd be happy to help you pick one out! The photos in this blog feather the Avera Deep Wave hair extensions which were made into a wig. 

                                                                                            xoxo, AVERA



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