Before we dive into the trends that we peeped at Afropunk 2017 here’s a little backstory for those of you living under a rock…

The Afropunk Festival started in 2005 by James Spooner & Matthew Morgan. It was created as a safe space for black punks to freely express themselves in a predominantly white subculture scene. It has been an opportunity to show love to the subculture by building a community with one another that celebration self expression, whatever that looks like for each person. Over the years it has expanded exclusively from punk music to include soul, reggae and more mainstream music as well.

As if those elements were not powerful enough, what takes things to the next level is the incredible expression of style and identity! This festival features concert goers with style that is a mixture of Black pride, punk inspiration, current fashion trends and powerful political statements. Here are #3 of our Afropunk favorites!

1. Color - There was no shortage of color. We saw turquoise, yellow, sherbert orange, purple, pastel pink and plenty of silvery white.

photo credit: Afropunk Instagram,  shot by Mark Elzey

photo credit: Cosmopolitan 

photo credit: Essence

2. #naturallycurly - Men and women alike were sporting their beautiful natural texture and curl pattern. Small to big fros were out in their full glory everywhere!

photo credit: IG : eccentric_beauty_ 

photo credit: shot by JustinnLamar

photo credit: Curlsfothegirls,  shot by Stylefeen

3. Braids - Large single braids, small box braids, braided space buns, beaded braids, punk colored braids, cornrows….you catch our drift  

photo credit: Essence,  shot by Denisse Benitez


photo credit: Refinery29

photo credit: IG: NicoleNxcxle, shot by Stylefeen

 Slay some of these looks for your next upcoming party or just add them to your pinterest mood board and drool over them. With Fall right around the corner it’s time for a chameleon like transformation!

Below is a shot of our very first clip-in, called the Curli-Crush. Looking to bump up your fro?! These can give you those beautiful #naturallycurly vibes with a little more plump. You know what else is amazing about these?! Since they are 100% virgin hair you can lighten and color them to any of those beautiful Fall shades of the season. Make sure to take them to a professional for coloring, to keep the integrity of this beautiful product intact.


Hope these inspire you for new avenues of expression!

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