4 Fall Hair Trends You Need To Know

  We're almost a month into fall, however it doesn't feel like fall just yet in LA. The weather has been well into the 90s for the past few days. Nonetheless, we wanted to highlight some awesome hair trends happening this fall that you can easily incorporate into your look. Here are 4 awesome trends you need to know. 

Exposed bobby pins
All our lives we are taught to style our tresses and secure with a bobby pin the same color as our hair so that it doesn’t show. But times have changed, and bobby pins are the focal point of many hairstyles. This trend is very versatile and can work for any length hair. 
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Goddess headbands
The Goddess headband is super trendy right now. Actresses like Amandla Stenburg and Halle Berry have been spotted sporting them. What’s awesome about these headbands is that they look great with any length hair, and can even be paired with braids.


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Hair Wraps
Wraps are an awesome touch to accentuate your style, while still protecting your hair from the elements. Check out some below in these awesome fall worthy colors. 

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Fall is the perfect time to add some color and fun into your hair. Not sure you're up for the challenge? Dye your Curli Crush Clip-ins instead! You still get that added color you've been dreaming of without damaging your natural locks. 

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