4 Facts You Need To Know About Burmese Hair

Here at AVERA, we use Burma as the source of our hair extensions. Burma is a beautiful country located between China and India. We chose this location as the source of our hair for a couple of reasons. We're going to share 5 facts you need to know about Burmese hair. 

     Fairly compensated
      We work closely with the people of Burma to ensure they are fairly compensated for their donations. 

Burmese hair is widely recognized for it's versatility. The Burmese hair is not as silky as Indian hair, or as course as Chinese hair. It's somewhere in the middle which is awesome because the hair holds a curl well and also does well with coloring.

Less Greys
Burmese people tend to have less grey hairs because they use a lot of natural methods to maintain the hair. One method includes rinsing the hair with rice water to reduce greys and restore the PH balance.

Healthier strands

The hair has never been chemically treated or altered in anyway. This ensures that the hair is as healthy as possible. All of the hair cuticles are completely in tact so the hair will last for as long as it's properly cared for. 

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    the best theeeee best, burmese is the best,

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    Hello I was Interested in your product, I’m a online business that sell hair.

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    Hello! Do you offer wholesale services for someone that wants to start a hair business?

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